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The company DUPEX-SEBEŞ is the first authorized playgrounds equipment manufacturer in Romania. Most Romanian playgrounds are made by us.
Established in 1992 with Romanian capital, DUPEX-SEBEŞ started the production of children’s playground equipment. In the following years, production has continuously grown through product diversification, the execution of urban furniture, sports and leisure grounds as well as rustic products for gardens and terraces.

The products are in compliance with HG 1102/2002, certified by ISCIR, complying with the requirements of SR EN 1176, and developed under the integrated quality-environment-occupational health and safety management system certified by TUV Austria. The materials used are specially designed for the manufacture of these products and are treated as to withstand the outside environment and designed to withstand intense exploitation conditions. They retain their long-lasting colors, and the traffic surfaces have a high wear resistance, which allows us to offer a considerable guarantee of at least 5 years. Our main concern is to obtain high quality products, providing users with safety and comfort during their exploitation.

Nowadays, besides the playgrounds, we also focus on the production of urban furniture, making wooden gazibos, resting benches, garbage bins, bus stops, market tables and other items that are needed for community. At the same time, the company’s attention is also on sports articles: outdoor fitness equipment, skateboards, tartan tracks for sports grounds and treadmills, basketball boards, stadiums and stands, football benches, tennis and volleyball nets with pillars, handball gates, PAFS swimming pools, boats from PAFS and many other products.


SR-EN 1176
SR-EN ISO 9001/2008
SR-EN ISO 14001/2004
SR OHSAS 18001/2007

Our continuous improvement process led to product quality increase, and better designs which ultimately opened doors to external markets.

100 employees
industry certified
8 delivery
2000 m2
production facilities

We know that planning a playground from start to finish can be an overwhelming challenge. DUPEX turns this challenge into a relaxing and entertaining EXPERIENCE, providing you with a planning tool. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor playground, our team can support you at every stage: design, order/reception, transportation, installation, maintenance, and MOST important, playroom management consulting.

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